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In Tanzania YearOut works with Ethical Encounters, charity active in masai village of Monduli Juu, located in the north of the country. Volunteer’s activities focus on primary school: the challenge is to grant young Maasai people quality in education. The association carries out many programs to enhance and preserve Maasai culture.

During their stay at the village, volunteers may organize:

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In addition to school activities, volunteers may choose to assist men and women of the community in their respective activities related to sheep farming and the care of children, tackling together their daily challenges. Then they can take part in the care of the animals, the kitchen and the preparation of meals.

The goal of Monduli Juu project is to improve the children’s education. Volunteers can play a fundamental role in transmitting new ideas and represent an incentive in order to improve the educational path of little Maasai children, giving at the same time a helping hand to local staff.

The coordinator of the project, Amani Laizer, will perform the initial training and will ensure that each guest feels at home: volunteers will live in the village, they will be entrusted with a typical Maasai hut and will be involved in the rhythm of life of Monduli Juu. Amani firmly believes in integration, so volunteers will have the opportunity to share customs and traditions of the Masai culture: immersed into a natural environment of extreme beauty.

Oikos Institute

Oikos Institute works to improve the masai community’s conditions of life through a participated and sustainable management of natural resources.

Mkuru Training Camp (MTC), where the volunteer is going to live, is a campsite in the African savannah, where knowledge and good practices in the management of water, soil, forests, wild animals and energy are developed and promoted; it is an educational place for the local communities and for the international guests.

The volunteers, assisted by researchers and specialized staff, after a training on the field, will work on the biometric control of students and on the preparation of vegetable gardens in scholastic environments, in particular:

"The nature and the landscape are unique, it’s exciting to go up the hills near the Mkuru Camp before the sunrise, and to see the sun rising up behind the Kilimanjaro or to go out for a walk in the silent steppe on the burned soil, broken by the sun."
Malvina Bonali, volontaria Oikos
estensione: 945.090 kmq
popolazione: 44.841.226
densità: 50 abitanti per kmq
ordinamento: Repubblica presidenziale
lingue: swahili, inglese
religione: mussulmani 40%, cristiani 40%,
religioni indigene tradizionali 20%
moneta: scellino tanzaniano
prefisso telefonico: +255
fuso orario: UTC +3
Ethical E.Oikos
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