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Naankuse was founded in 2006 with tho aims: to protect and preserve vulnerable African wildlife and to improve the life conditions of the marginalized San Bushman community; the San are considered to be the oldest culture in the world. Several projects are now taking place at Naankuse, near the capital Windhoek, including Wildlife Sanctuary and Carnivore Conservation Research Project, as well as the Clever Cubs School and Lifeline Medical Clinic for the San community.

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

The sanctuary, which is the heart of N/a’an ku sê operations, currently provides a safe refuge for orphaned and injured wildlife including a number of lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, caracals and baboons as well as a host of farmyard animals.

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Wildlife Conservation Volunteers provide an important resource in:
  • caring for and feeding the animals on a daily basis;
  • helping to maintain and develop the sanctuary;
  • taking the animals on walks;
  • helping with any other projects that may arise at the sanctuary;
  • preparing the animals’ food;
  • cleaning and maintaining enclosures;
  • providing intensive care for juvenile wildlife, including baboons;

Volunteers will have the unique opportunity to make a trip to one of research sites. Neuras is located in southern Namibia, amid truly spectacular scenery. Here they will get involved first hand with all aspects of our research program including data collection and processing as well as a lot of field experience. Activities include camera trapping, game counting, exploring the terrain and environment, monitoring of carnivores and the opportunity to visit the world famous red sand dunes at Sossusvlei.

School Volunteer

Clever Cubs School is a pre-School providing vital free education to the San Bushman children whose parents work on the farm and who would otherwise not have access to education.

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Volunteers will be involved in various activities, such as:
  • Maths lessons;
  • English lessons;
  • art&crafts;
  • Environmental studies;

As well as learning how to read and write, the children enjoy dancing, singing and playing. Naankuse’s aim is to enroll as many children as possible into a mainstream school in Windhoek.

The children are extremely friendly and love meeting new people. Their enthusiasm is infectious and the enjoyment from seeing their smiling faces every day is very rewarding. If you would like the opportunity to help at the Clever Cubs School please let us know in advance where possible.

In these two projects, volunteers have two options of accommodation at the Wildlife Sanctuary: rooms or tents.

Medical Volunteer

The San are considered to be the oldest culture in the world and are traditionally hunter gatherers. Nowadays the San live in extreme poverty and many suffer from malnutrition, disease, discrimination and abuse. N/a’an ku sê is committed to improving the lives of the San community through education, healthcare and better living conditions. Providing accessible primary healthcare to this community really is a lifeline to many.

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Volunteers will be involved in various activities, such as:
  • Medical examinations
  • Specific care
  • Transport of patients

Volunteers will participate in and assist our Doctor and Nurse with the running of the Lifeline Clinic and help provide primary healthcare to the local community. If you are very experienced you could perhaps take on a project of your own.

The volunteer house is a bungalow; depending on volunteer numbers, volunteers may be in a room to themselves or with one other person.

Volunteers can choose to participate in all three N/a'an ku sê Fundation projects.
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rukwangali, silozi, tswana, damara/nama,
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