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Twins International is an Italian non-profit association that has been working in Kenya since 2007. In particular, it supports Alice for Children projects in Nairobi and Light of Maasai project in Rombo, aiming at taking care of disadvantaged and vulnerable children. In total, the projects involve approximately 2000 orphans. The intervention areas are situated in Korogocho and Kariobangi slums, Dandora and the rural area of Diamond, right on Kilimanjaro slopes.

Alice for Children

Twins International in partnership with the local organization Grapesyard Self Help Group has set up Alice for Children project supporting children from Nairobi slum. Volunteers will be involved in different programs according to their skills: lessons, workshops, creative projects with women from Alice for Women Projects.

Volunteers will stay in Alice Village: a house created to accomodate orphan children of Korogocho. Here children can find psychological support and affection.

The house is situated in a green area, away from the decay and overcrowded slum, to facilitate the reintegration of orphan children. The project is run by a Kenyan family.

To be a volunteer in Nairobi it is advised to attend training sessions menaged by TwinsInternational. To view the appiontments:
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Activities can also be carried out in Alice home, in the slum of Kariobangi, and in Grapesyard School, in the slum of Korogocho. Volunteers will help and will follow the children in their daily tasks, giving support to local staff. In particular they will be able to dedicate themselves to activities such as:

  • teaching
  • motor and recreational activities
  • maintenance of the common spaces
  • aid in meals preparation
  • management of the library
  • computing workshop
  • art and theater workshops
  • cooking workshop

Light of Maasai

The project was created in collaboration with the local partner Light of Maasai, an association which works in Rombo village, on the border between Kenya and Tanzania.

Volunteers give their own contribution at a school attended by approximately 600 Masai children, pupils committed from class nursery to class eighth (the last year of secondary school).

The school is located in a magnificent natural setting and was born to give the children of the rural community the chance to follow an efficient educational path: more and more Maasai families, once they came to know the project, allowed their children to go to school and attend lessons in order for them to live in their homeland with greater awareness, defending their own future.

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In this context, the role of volunteers is essential to provide new incentives and support to a teachers team, often insufficient with the number of pupils involved. In particular, volunteers will have the opportunity to organize:

  • History, Geography, English lessons;
  • Art&creativity workshops;
  • Theatre workshops;
  • Projects to raaise awareness on HIV;
  • Life skills lessons;
  • Visits to Maasai families with local staff;
  • Updating report cards of children involved in support at distance projects;
  • Refurbishment of classrooms.

Volunteers will have the full support of Elaine, of Irish birth, Masai of adoption.

Elaine speaks fluent Swahili and has the valuable abilities of supporting the volunteers during the beginning of their journey to Rombo and make them feel at home, also manages the guest house where each volunteer will find everything he needs to spend a very nice time.

«They gave me a Maasai name – Narikuinkerra, “Nariku” for short – this means brought by children. I hope I can not only live up to this name by helping the children but somehow help to shape a better future for the future generations of Maasai children»
Elaine, responsabile volontari Rombo
estensione: 583.000 Km²
popolazione: 30.600.000
ordinamento: Repubblica
lingue: Swahili (ufficiale), Inglese, Kikuiu
religione: Animisti 60%, Cattolici 25%,
Protestanti 10%, altri 5%
moneta: Scellino del Kenya
prefisso telefonico: 00254
gruppi etnici: Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 15%, Luo 13%,
Kalenjin 11%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 5%
fuso orario: GMT +3.00
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