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YearOut collaborates with non-profit organization Cesvi on its "Case del Sorriso" projects in Tamil Nadu. The projects are financed and coordinated by Cesvi and handled by local partners. "Case del Sorriso" project was created to provide children with a safe, stable home where to access educational programs they would have not been able to to experience otherwise. The overall aim of the project is to improve access to education for youth in the rural area of Tamil Nadu and contribute to their social reintegration.

As a volunteer, you will be able to contribute to the project by assisting with activities and lessons for the children. You will also experience daily life at “Case del Sorriso”, and you will be directly involved in the children’s activities and life there. You will have the opportunity to use your skills, abilities and knowledge by organizing recreational or after school activities, games, basic English lessons and other educational games on subjects such as: the environment, hygiene, health, culture, history, geography and religion.

Your role as a volunteer will be to give a helpful hand in activities and you will report directly to “Case del Sorriso” educators. Your contribution is invaluable to them as volunteers are the heart of the organization. You will be a help and support for them. “Case de Sorriso” host children who have experienced difficult family conditions, and there they can get the chance to grow healthy, with the possibility to build their future.

India is home to 18 languages, 500 dialects, 30 religions, and over a billion people. From Gandhi to the modern activists, India is well-known for social activism, for tolerance towards diversity and for its resilience.

estensione: 3.300.000 Km²
densità: 315 abitanti per Km²
ordinamento: Repubblica Federale
lingue ufficiali: Hindi, Inglese
religione: Induisti 80%, Musulmani 14%,
Cristiani 2%, Sikh 2%, Buddisti 1%
moneta: Rupia indiana
prefisso telefonico: 0091
fuso orario: GMT +5.00
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