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In Costa Rica YearOut collaborates with FUNDECODES. This non-profit organisaton was founded in 2000 in Hojancha, (Guanacaste) with the goal of balancing human development and the conservation of natural resources. In particular, YearOut and FUNDECODES are working in partnership in Ostional sea turtles project, privileged destination for anyone who wants to help these beautiful reptiles. Once a month, during three nights, between 3000 and 10000 sea turtles come ashore!

As a volunteer, you will patrol the beach during the night, in order to prevent illegal hunting, you will take care of little turtles and keep the beaches clean.

The workday of the volunteer is flexible and can include both day and night. Depending on the season the workday lasts between 4 and 8 hours. This project is dedicated to people who don't fear leaving behind the city lights to plunge deep into amazing natural scenery. Patrolling shifts on the beach don't require any special skills: the volunteers can rely on the staff’s competencies; patrolling shifts only require the will to walk for kilometres under the moonlight.

Costa Rica is the true jewel of central America. The natural beauty, heritage floral and faunal and the enlightened program for the protection of the environment attracting tourists. The governments in the course of the years have worked to maintain this image of paradise of ecotourism and have made the Costa Rica one of the best places in which come into contact with the tropics in a natural way, minimizing the human impact on the environment.

Each volunteer has a day off a week (usually Sunday) to focus on their personal activities.

The projects of FUNDECODES are implemented in the Area Conservación Tempisque which is located in the west part of Costa Rica and that includes the valley of the river Tempisque, national park Nicoya peninsula, many parks, centers for the wildlife and natural reserves.

Il Costa Rica è un paese che ha dimostrato grande sensibilità ed impegno verso il miglioramento dell’ambiente, creando parchi nazionali e aree protette. L’impegno per promuovere la biodiversità va avanti. Partecipando ai progetti di conservazione ambientale potrai contribuire a questo processo di miglioramento.
estensione: 51.000 Km²
popolazione: 4.100.000
densità: 71 abitanti per Km²
ordinamento: Repubblica
lingue ufficiali: Spagnolo
religione: Cattolici 90%, Protestanti 15%, altri 5%
moneta: Colon costaricense
prefisso telefonico: 0051
documenti: Passaporto
gruppi etnici: Creoli 87%, Meticci 7%, Cinesi 2%, Amerindi 0.5% , altri 3.5%
fuso orario: GMT - 6.00
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