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CAPEC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization situated in the village of Nkolfoulou, 15km from the capital city of Yaoundé. Established in 2002, CAPEC works to protect children from exploitation, focusing its efforts on orphans and children who are being exploited for cheap labor or prostitution.

CAPEC has been able to carry out many projects in the community, such as:


CAPEC has created a number of projects, both on its own initiative and in partnership with other organizations. Volunteers with CAPEC are able to assist on a number of diverse activities:

Cameroon is a country to discover day by day. It deserves to be defined a “melting pot”, as many different ethnic groups and population live there. You will discover its mysteries and customs living in close contact with the local community.
estensione: 475.442 Km2
popolazione: 20.129.878
ordinamento: Repubblica
lingue ufficiali: Francese, Inglese
religione: Cristiani 53%, Animisti 25%,
Musulmani 22%
moneta: franco CFA (XFA)
prefisso telefonico: +237
gruppi etnici: Highlander 31%, Bantu
Equatoriale 19%, Kirdi 11%, Fulani 10%, altri 29%
fuso orario: GMT +2.00
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