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YearOut works in partnership with organizations deeply rooted in local environment, having local management, and which responds to the needs of local community. YearOut sends volunteers who contribute in achieving the targets defined by the local organizations and maintains a constant link to ensure that the volunteers have a positive and significant impact on the project.

YearOut assigns volunteers to a project, to satisfy partners’ needs, on the basis of their abilities and personal skills. The time availability of the volunteer will be kept in mind to guide him or her in the choice of the destination. This ensures that volunteers will participate in a project suitable to them and that partners will get advantage from their effort.

This way of working allows both the volunteers of Gap Year and the partners to cooperate effectively side by side. Local work is the result of a synergy between volunteers and local staff. Organizations express their appreciation for the energy and contribution brought by single volunteers to the project.

YearOut encourages volunteers, during their experience, to adopt a proactive approach:

Protection and security of volunteers is one of our priorities. The participating volunteers will always be assisted by local staff and, in case of emergency, they will always have at their disposal a safe means of transport.
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