Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go? Which are the pre-dapartures steps?
You can choose among different way to know us; and once you’ll have all the information needed, YearOut staff will giude you trough the application process untill you will leave for your volunteering destiantion.
What age should I have?
There isn't an age restriction as long as you have turned eighteen.
Do I have to know any foreign language?
It is reqeusted a good knowldge of english, for all the projects in Africa and India. In Costa Rica it is requested as well a good knowledge of english, but it is accepted as well just spanish. It not necessary a professional knowledge of English, but the volutneer should be able to communicate and interact with the staff and the other foreign volunteers.
Is any practical experience necessary to participate as a volunteer?
No particular experience is requested and not having any isn't an obstacle for departure. All previous experiences as a volunteer or international voluntary service will be acknowledged and taken into account in the choice of the volunteer's role in t he program.
When can I leave? When do I have to register myself?
It is possible to leave at any timeof the year. It is advisable to send the application form and to participate to one of our informative meetings at least four months before departure. The sooner you register yourself the more chance you have to be sent to the project you want. Due to the high demand, YearOut cannot always guarantee a place in the chosen project.
What will my donation include?
The donation deposited with YearOut will include the expenses for food and lodging, and transport in loco. It is included as well all the material needed for the activities.
How can I fundraise?
You can request our FundraisingGuide, you will find a lot of nice ideas. Please reqeust an electonic version to:
What is not included?
The plane ticket, personal expenses, medical and travel insurance, leisure and touristic weekends will not be included in the donation.
Who can I call in case of need?
During his/her staying abroad, the volunteer will first refer to the local partner and, in case of need, he/she can contact YearOut office:
Phone: +39 02 45491504
Mobile:+39 334 8606453 (weekends only)
What health precautions do I have to take before leaving? Do I have to get vaccinated?
Required vaccinations vary depending on the country and the period you want to travel. We recommend you to contact your Local Health Office for all the information you need. YearOut will provide you with a certificate proving your volunteer status so you can get deductions ox exemptions from vaccinations costs.
Why should I take part in one of these projects?
To experience abroad volunteering will enable you to open your eyes to the world and meet a new culture coming into close contact with local communities. You will have the opportunity to contribute to a concrete change for the community you will work in. You will soon notice that you will receive a lot from the children and the community hosting you. You will acquire new skills also through the exchange with people different from you.
Can I get university credits with my volunteer experience?
Many universities acknowledge periods of international volunteering with educational credits. Each university follows different procedures, for this reason we ask you to get information directly from the internship Office or International Relationships Office of your faculty. YearOut is available to release documents attesting your volunteering period abroad, or, whether the case, to stipulate an agreement with universities in order to proceed with the credits validation.
Internships, thesis and scholarships
YearOut is available to stipulate agreements with universities so that the volunteering period is acknowledged as an internship, or to proceed with the acknowledgement of credits. Moreover, we support students with informative material and advice during the planning and editing of projects to apply for scholarships, using them to pay the donation or to leave for thesis projects.
Is there the possibility to talk to anyone who volunteered in the past?
Certainly, you will have the opportunity to talk to our former volunteers and ask them everything you need to know. Our ex volunteers are very helpful and they continua their volunteer activity once they have come back home, supporting YearOut and the association that has hosted them in many ways.
I have got problems with sending the application form from the website, what can I do?
It may occur that the application form cannot be delivered or it may be impossible to send it because of server problems, in this case send an e-mail to or call 02.45491504 and we will give you all the information you need.
Who can I contact for more information?
For further information, call 02.45491504 or send an e-mail to
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