Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Activities allowed young people to leave for volunteering projects for projects around the world, putting together the amount of money necessary to leave in a creative way.

Your Goal will be thinking at an activity, structured for convincing who is around you to help you in realizing your dream to leave.

Your trip starts right from here, challenge yourself now!

YearOut can provide you a useful Fundraising Guide, where you can find nice activities to fundraise. There are a lot of best practice of volunteers who succeeded in fundraising.

Some of the suggested activities are: :

We really hope that our fundraising guide can help you to achieve your goals and realizing the dream to leave as volunteers with us!

Remember that it is really important, before to start, being enrolled in one of our project, so you can have all the details about the destination. You will be more motivated and you will pass this energy to people around you.

If you need any other information or clarifications, please to not exited to contact us. We will be proud in helping you with advise, suggestions and everything you need.

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