Become a volunteer Why leave

There are so many reasons for young people to decide working as volunteers.

Usually you decide to leave as volunteer for a combination of reasons. May be the altruistic desire to help and make a contribution to the communities, together with personal motivations as the desire to live a culture far away from their personal and to test themselves, refining their Soft Skills, such as the ability to communicate and collaborate, and to exercise its leadership.

An experience of international voluntary can help you to better understand what are your personal and professional aspirations; for this the international voluntary service has become a fundamental step in education and training of a young, very appreciated also by the moderators.

10 good reasons for starting with YearOut

YearOut work with dedication and professionalism to ensure that volunteers participate in voluntary programs of high quality. The process starts from when you'll make your first application up to when you'll finish your experience as a volunteer. The quality of the projects and validated personally by the staff of YearOut that regular visit programs and in the arc of frond the year nor head the good trend. YearOut ensures to volunteer assistance on the spot at the highest level. You will have always a manager who will assist you in activities and emergency situations.
YearOut offers a great variety of programs in 3 different continents. The projects are different, you'll be able to work in an urban context or rural. You can take care of schools or chidlren's homes, or vocational training courses. You can also do voluntary environmental, in parks, full to preserve the endangered animal species.
Volunteers can start all the year round, so you will be free to better arrange your schedule with your study or work. There are also projects requiring only two weeks of staying.
You can know us personally by participating in our InfoDays. You will have a clear idea about projects, with the help of photos and videos we will try to give you an idea of the different destinations. You can talk with those who are already working as a volunteer, asking him/her whatever you want. You'll meet your future travel companions.
YearOut Community
From the moment you decide to start with YearOut you become part of our virtual community: our volunteers often become good friends and don’t miss a chance to exchange advice pre departure, photos and opinions on the next trip to volunteer. The means we have available to us: through our Facebook page, our Flickr account, Twitter, and YouTube, you can always be updated on YearOut appointments, publish your photos of your experience abroad and rookies with on everything that concerns the volunteering and the world of cooperation in general.
The priority of YearOut is your safety. The choice of a partner the first criterion is the tranquility of the area in which the project resides and the capacity of the partners to manage the volunteers (food and water safe, made of safe transport, secure accommodation). If YearOut ought not secure a destination will delete the project immediately and the volunteer will replace it at his/her pleasure with another destination. YearOut strongly suggest a medical and travel insurance, safe and functional. Check your insurance policy (link to doc. Europe Assistance).
Benefit for the community
YearOut works with local communities in need. Volunteers bring their own personal contribution to financial resources. Regular departures of volunteers provide to the community a constant flow of resources; this means that the people who belong to communities in need continually receive support.
Speed and Informality
The staff of YearOut is ready at any time to answer your questions. When you are abroad you'll be able to contact a staff member of YearOut 24 hours a day, if you need them. Our goal is to respond in less than 8 hours. Let us know our volunteers personally before to leave trying to maximize their personal attitudes. We will take you by the hand through the whole path to become a volunteer YearOut.
Two great passions
The staff of YearOut has 2 big passions: traveling and young people. Traveling is beautiful, is the best way to learn, to better know ourselves. The international voluntary service is a lovely way to discover a country and its culture. We believe that guys are fabulous with their enthusiasm their energy they are able to do wonderful things. We believe that have a predisposition for the adventure, that they are curious and that really have the strength to change the world.
Happy volunteers!
We will do everything we can to make your experience unforgettable. We try to build the group of volunteers prior to departure so that you'll know your traveling companions. We will try to give you all the useful information prior to departure. We will be in contact with the partner before your arrival informing them on your profile and on what you know or you want to do. At this point, we will just wish you happy volunteers!

Are you ready?

The international voluntary service can be one of the most meaningful educational and exciting experience you can do in your life. It presents some difficulties, but all volunteers on their return, they are ready to leave again! Working and living in other countries with different cultures will enrich your life for long time, even when you will be back home.

Leaving as volunteer is a way to exercise your skills in a constructive manner and at the same time to explore and live close to a cultural reality far away from your own culture.

If you're ready for a new life experience it’s time to start with YearOut!

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